Moby Dicks RestaurantIf you want to enjoy a great meal and also benefit a local charity, head to Moby Dick’s restaurant tonight.

A portion of every dollar spent on a meal at Moby Dick’s on Wednesday June 24 well be donated to the Wellfleet Food Pantry.

The Wellfleet Food Pantry, established in 1999, has been serving the local community for 16 years. In 2014 the pantry provided food to over 10 % of Wellfleet’s year-round population serving over 150 families. They are primarily funded by private contributions that enable them to buy food from the Greater Boston Food Bank. Food is also donated from local people and local merchants.

Moby Dick’s is open at 11:30 am everyday for lunch and dinner. They have a kids menu, gluten free items, and the freshest seafood around. They are a BYOB establishment. You can bring your own beer, wine or favorite cocktail. They will provide ice buckets, cups, and openers. Whether you are a single diner or a large group, you are always welcome at Moby’s. The owners are always present and some of the most hard working folks I know. You can view their menu at

In 2012, Moby’s became “green” certified. They recycle all of their cardboard, glass, plastic, and aluminum. They use environmentally sensitive cleaning products and their disposables are made from recycled material.

See ya at Moby’s!! Or, you can donate to the food pantry directly at